After 5 years of blogging (since 2011) on several other blogs and now this one, I have somehow become a published writer/author–initially by accident, and the second time around by sheer effort. I wrote a nonfiction article for the June 2015 issue of the national magazine, Parachutist, that to my surprise was accepted with minor edits and garnered a full-page of its own with a full-photo layout. And a true short story of mine is now in the 2016 edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles.

I AM PROOF POSITIVE that for someone like me (who was new to the study of creative writing as of 2008), there is more than one path to “becoming a writer,” and this one I’m on does NOT involve a formal degree in Art & Literature, it does NOT require that I must have been pursuing creative writing my entire, long life, and it most certainly does NOT demand of me other-worldly, out-of-the-womb talent.

What is DOES demand of me is a boatload of SELF-DISCIPLINE, SELF-STUDY, PATIENCE, and DETERMINATION. All of these, I have in spades.

Whenever I’m successful on this path, I hope to share with you why I think that was the case, be it with the memoirs I am writing, the short stories, nonfiction essays, personal essays, and even the occasional attempts at fiction.

I’m happy to have you join me here!



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